Stairs is a male contestant on Amazing Battle Centre, and was eliminated in The search for winners at 11 votes.


Stairs tries to do the best for his team, however he can get angry very easily, so much so he often comes off as being mean. He tries to avoid getting angry, but he still gets angry alot, especially if he views something as unfair.


In Let the game begin! Stairs made his first appearance when Pencil Case was introducing all of the contestants, however when he was introduced he didn't say anything. During the challenge Speaker says to Stairs "Hey Stars." Stairs responds by saying "What do you want!" He then realises that he was speaking rudely resulting him in then saying "Oh I mean would you like?" Speaker then says "Are you excited to be in the final three?" Stairs in response says "Yes, now bye." He then tries to knock Speaker off his platform, but fails. Then Speaker tries knock to Stairs off his platform. Stairs freaks out, and gets knocked off his platform. While Pencil Case is giving out the tokens Stairs gets given a third token. Stairs then says "This seems useful." In a happy tone. When Egg Plant is about to give out Muffins Stairs yells out "MUFFINS!" then with everyone else he runs towards the muffins crashing into everyone else.

In Wooden block, dodge! Pencil Case is introducing the first challenge of the episode. She says only the winners from the last can compete. Stairs being one of those people, got to compete. At the beginning of the challenge Stairs states "This is so unfair. I don't even have any arms. Why don't I get a cannon?" Due to Pogo Stick not having any arms or legs resulting in him getting a cannon, but not Stairs. After Team Blue's victory in the challenge Stairs says their victory was unfair, however Pencil Case said it was perfectly fine. During the second challenge of the episode Stairs interrupts Stick while he was saying to use Team Black's strategy then tries to get Yoghurt out, however Yoghurt catches the ball. While Stairs is out he tells Credit Card to try to get somebody out. Shortly after Credit Card gets out and in response Stairs says "Our team is dropping like flies." Cloud then gets Stairs back in by throwing a dodge ball at the black board. Later on in the Challenge Stairs tells Green Texta to protect the wooden block. She said that she will protect it, but she didn't resulting in the wooden block being knocked down. He then says angrily "Green Texta! Look at what you have just done! We only have one wooden block left." He then asks Cloud to get the other team out. Stairs tries to get Mechanical Pencil out, but fails due to Mechanical Pencil catching the ball. At the end of the challenge Pencil Case states that Team Red is up for elimination, Stairs then yells out "What!"

In The search for winners Stairs was in the elimination area. Stairs angrily says "Enough with the talking, let's get on with the votes." Due to Pencil Case taking a very long time to get onto the votes. Pencil Case responds with "Before we can get on with the votes I need to know do you and Green Texta want to use your tokens?" Stairs take a long time to decide, but he ultimately chooses not use it. At the end of the elimination Pencil Case announces that Stairs is eliminated at 11 votes. At first Stairs denies this fact, however he eventually accept his elimination. Cloud felt sorry for Stairs elimination, so Cloud give him her muffin due to muffins being Stairs favourite food. Stairs then leaves the building through the exit hallway.


  • Stairs was the first contestant to be eliminated on ABC.
    • He was also the first member of Team Red to be eliminated.
  • Out of all the contestants eliminated on ABC Stairs has been eliminated with the most votes at 11.
  • Stairs favourite food is muffins.
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