Plug is a male contestant on ABC (Amazing Battle Centre). He's best known for the disability to speak properly.


In Let the game begin!, he's first seen with Yellow Texta. When he asks Plug if he's excited for the competition, he doesn't answer. When Yellow Texta asks if he can speak, Plug starts to talk in a weird gibberish-like language.

Later in the episode, during the challenge, Yellow Texta asks Green Texta for the reason she wants to knock him off, and then offers to knock out Plug. Plug says something in disappointment. He then gets knocked off by Green Texta.

Even later, we see Plug at a meeting in the Dining Hall, where Pencil Case explains how eliminations work and gives tokens to respective contestants.

In Wooden block, dodge!, he's seen at the beginning of the episode next to his bunk bed, when Yellow Texta walks by and asks "How are you?", with Plug walking away, holding a grudge for Green Texta knocking him off the platform in Episode 1. He can also be seen in the intro at 0:43. He's not seen for the rest of the episode.

In The search for winners, he's seen with Pogo Stick during the challenge. Pogo Stick says it's annoying that he can't speak properly. Later on, he's seen with Pogo Stick again, who's complaining about the other teams are ahead. Plug speaks gibberish again. Some time passes, and Plug finds a red rock for his team and turns it in. Near the end of the episode, Plug is ONCE AGAIN seen with Pogo Stick, who's complaining again about Wings losing the challenge for his team. In the end, he's up for elimination along with the rest of his team.

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